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About me

My name is Gillian Vos

I am a game design student at Breda University of Applied Sciences

When I was younger, I wanted to become an animator.  Having a big interest in storytelling and the emotional journey of the viewer, I studied Animation at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. But after the study I quickly discovered that I wanted the experiences that I created be interactive, having an immediate impact on the audience.

This is why I think level design suits my creative desires. It expresses beyond the screen, as players can feel much more immersed in the playable spaces and experiences you design for them. My favorite memories are with my sister playing the games we still love and cherish, there's nothing I'd like to do more than gives those type of memories to the next generations to come.

I have a deep interest in architecture, contemporary art, filmmaking and urban design. My interest have influenced me a lot in my work and how I want to tell stories, whether it is to subvert expectations or embrace the art we love and know.

I am currently looking for an internship

September 2024

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