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PUZZLE | 2023

In ''BioRipper'' you play as a BioRipper, your tasks include verifying prescription authenticity and formulating surgical treatments by combining various ingredients that fit the needs of these peculiar beasts.

Navigate a queue of diverse patients, showcase your quick decision-making skills and make sure they make it out alive!

This game was made in 4 work days as part of the GMGT game jam hosted by BUAS with the theme being ''altered beasts''.

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  • As a designer, I would design the core gameplay, the combination puzzle, audio implementation for feedback and lead the team to help collaboration between disciplines.

  • As a level designer, I would make a playable space that would demonstrate the core gameplay.

  • As a developer, I would blueprint features as well as work with data tables for randomization of the game's options.

My team existed out of me as a designer, Aleksej Baranoskij as programmer and Luka Bijmolen as visual artist.


While designing Bioripper, we wanted to keep the game on a low scope and only focus on the core loop. Minimizing any level design that needs to have a set dressing task. Because of that we wanted to focus on puzzle mini-games with inspiration on Papers Please and Red Strings Club. 


I collaborated with the visual artist on making character assets and how they would function in the game. Because of this he was able to make modular assets that I could randomize in-engine to create a new experience every time as it would impact the deduction mini game. 


The dialogue of these characters would be randomized with a data table based on personality types. The data on their prescriptions is randomized as well with wrong and good answers.

The puzzle mechanic creates a different solution every time as well as the location of the ingredients. This way we could make a challenging experience for beginners and skilled players. 


The end result is a a playable space with:

  • A deduction mini game

  • A puzzle mini game

  • Randomization of characters, dialogue and puzzle solutions

  • Audio implementation for player feedback

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