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In "Unrobbery" you play the role of a skilled robber burdened by guilt and driven to make amends. Your mission? To return the stolen items and place them back where they rightfully belong.

Can you master the art of precision and restore balance to the lives of those affected by your former misdeeds?

This game was made in 48 hours as part of the GMTK game jam with the theme being ''roles reversed''.

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  • As a designer, I would design the core gameplay, the visual feedback and lead the team to help collaboration between disciplines.

  • As a level designer, I would make a playable space that would demonstrate the core gameplay and creates quick loops for the player.

  • As a developer, I would blueprint features as well as work with data tables for creating the value of the point system.

My team existed out of Ana Stefan and I as the designers, Aleksej Baranoskij and Martijn Hagenaars as the programmer and Luka Bijmolen as visual artist.


While designing Unrobbery, we, as a group, wanted to focus on making a fun puzzle that is quick to play. Together with Ana, I designed the core gameplay loop where the player needs to place the right furniture in the right room to score points. The smaller the object the more points and combos such as putting a light on a table would give the player extra points. It would give the player moments to get creative while being pressured by a timer.


As the core gameplay loop is about precision, the player needs to clearly know when they are doing the right thing in order to learn and adapt to the levels. The player needed to know where the object would be placed when they confirm their selection and then get feedback if that is the right spot. For this I made a shader that show's the placement and for the feedback about the right spot, I collaborated with a VA to make UI assets.


The end result is a a playable space with:

  • Win/lose condition

  • Point system based on the size of the object rightly placed

  • Visual feedback

  • Audio implementation for player feedback and ambience

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